self portrait by brynn

Hi I'm Brynn and I am a work in progress. 
I'm in search of my purpose in life 
Trusting God to show me it someday.
came to the conclusion that i am extremely selfish
I thought i knew what i wanted out of life,
i am slowly pulling away from my typical mindset 
my fairy tale life small
thinking about the bigger picture now 
trying to think of others before myself
trying to give out love like it was a free gift
trying to not worry about things that don't matter
and START appreciating the things that do
I used not think that love existed 
but i was naive
how could i not see what was in front my face
How could I miss the point?
i now can say that i believe in LOVE 
not a petty kind of love
but a choice to love
a friendship
a natural love
never forced 
never awkward
simple not complicated
I can be complicated....
It's a problem.
trying to be less complicated
more content
i need to learn to say what i feel 
to say no when i mean no
And yes when my instincts are strong.
to not judge others by
but by content of character
These ideals are my new plan